War Horse

Spielberg Interview Tonight
By: Mary Watterson, Fort Collins Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

So, there’s been a lot of buzz about War Horse…everyone’s clamoring for an inspirational hero. But among the buzz there’s always the murmured hesitation, the question that dampens the excitement: But does the horse die? It is war after all – one of the bloodiest and most devastating ever. Many of us are not in the mood for some cathartic experience…just give us an uplifting movie…and some hot, buttered popcorn.

Well…I for one am watching Nightline tonight, to see what Steven Spielberg has to say about it. In fact, I just got a tweet from the Humane Society of America reminding me about it. With that, and Spielberg’s own words, I’m cautiously optimistic that War Horse will be a great film.

“War Horse is not another Saving Private Ryan,” says Oscar award-winning Spielberg. “I think this is a good film for families to see together,” Spielberg told ABC’s Katie Couric. “I’m not saying little kids should see this picture, but families can see this picture. They’re accustomed with my name associated with war, to expect the worst. They’re not going get the worst in this.”

Well Mr. Spielberg…we’re now expecting the best…

Can’t wait for it’s release!

Read the Nightline Interview Teaser at ABC.


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