Pin-Ups & Pit Bulls

“Little Darling’s” Crusade

Pin Ups and Pit Bulls







A well-know pin-up model and burlesque performer, Deirdre Franklin, has made it big time in pit bull advocacy!

About Pin Ups & Pit Bulls

Franklin, who goes by the stage name of “Little Darling,” launched Pinups for Pitbulls, a non profit, in 2006. They produce an annual calendar featuring like-minded models, dressed in vintage pin-up fashions, along side their pit bulls or dogs available for rescue.

The calendar has been a smash! Donations from Pinups for Pitbulls, benefiting rescues groups around the nation, total 80K thus far. Also included in the glossy, full-color calendar are lists of rescue groups and facts about all the various Pitbull breeds.

“I’d like people to celebrate dogs the right way and train dogs the right way so that everybody is happy and everybody is safe. That’s my ultimate goal,” says Franklin.

Visit them today and check another Christmas present off your list!


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