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Drink a Beer, Save a Dog

Poochy CrewLove your dog? So do we! There are lots of things we love doing for our fuzzy, little canine friends; chatting them up, sharing a good meal, sunbathing in the nude, sharing a snuggle and...
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Quad Rock 50 Race

Quad Rock 50 Race, Rockin BBQ & Fire Dancing Saving Dogs One Hungry Athlete at a Time! By Mary Watterson, Fort Collins Pet Sitter & Dog Walker

0_0_0_0_250_188_csupload_57587066_largeAnimal House Rescue was on hand for the second...
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Poochy Doos In the News

Poochy Doos in the News! Digging Ann Jones… Fort Collins, CO Press Release 0_0_0_0_250_188_csupload_57464870_largePoochy Doos, LLC, A Company Boasting One Rat Terrier as its Publicist, and Another as VP of Social Media, Welcomes New Business Partner, Ann Jones Poochy...
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Choice City Comedy Nite

SIT! STAY! SPEAKEASY! by: Mary Watterson, Fort Collins Pet Sitter, Dog Walker & Trail Guide

Join Poochy Doos, LLC in supporting Animal House Rescue by attending its 2nd Annual Choice City Comedy Nite: Sit! Stay! Speakeasy! fundraiser, April 13th from 6:30 - 10:00 at Lincoln Center,...
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